Historic Forts and Trading Posts of the French Regime and of the English Fur Trading Companies by Ernest Voorhis was a 1930 Canadian Government publication (Dept. of the Interior, Natural Resources Intelligence Service). It has been a frequently cited resource since its publication and continues to be broadly relevant.

The work is available on the net (sometimes in fragments only) in formats that often limit access to the content. It is presented here in several versions that allow quick download, searching and reuse:

FormatNotes (& size)
TextJust the text. (c.460KB)
HTML Adds internal links and a linked list of the posts as a table of contents. (c. 660KB)
PDF A quick reformatting of the HTML. A PDF of the formatted text. Internal links do not operate correctly. (c. 1.5MB)
Original page
image scans (PDF)
LARGE file (c. 10MB).
Interactive Format
With search form, queries and links to Google Maps. (Last updated 2017-04-12)

Image maps with active links to the text are provided from the the two maps included in the publication(See Table of Contents of HTML version.)
Two maps are included: A large continental map is provided in three sizes (small, medium, large) to suit different display sizes.
A smaller map of U. S forts and posts is given in a single resolution.

The original work is in the public domain in Canada. The versions presented here are also fully in the public domain in Canada.

Thanks to the staff of the University of Saskatchewan Library for making the scans available.

The Interactive Voorhis app is still in the sandbox phase of development. Many functions are incomplete: several search criteria do not function and there are several bugs that will cause it to not produce output.