The Works of Frank O'Connor: A Repository

An accessible, online aggregation of the works of Frank O'Connor.

The individual works are usually in basic text format. Collections may be in raw text, HTML or PDF formats (a few individual works are also in the these marked-up formats).

The works have been produced from scans of original source material and subsequent optical character recognition (OCR). The texts are not yet (mid/late 2020) fully proofed; they may still contain artifacts and errors introduced by OCR and manual processing .

All works are in the public domain in Canada. As such they can be freely copied and reused in that country. Copyright restrictions may apply in other jurisdictions; please respect the law that applies in yours.

For further information please contact the literary agencies representing the Frank O'Connor estate:
Peters Fraser and Dunlop, London
Writers House, New York

The Repository:

Repository updated 2019-10-28.
2020-05 added War Stories and stories from Crab Apple Jelly (1944) and several stories from Domestic Relations.
2020-06added The Saint and Mary Kate.
2020-07added Dutch Interior.
2020-09added section 'Autobiography' and An Only Child.

added section 'Non Fiction' and Irish Miles.
2020-10added photos to Irish Miles, updated collection of war stories, added more stories.
2020-11 added more stories--now >120 in repository. Updates and corrections to indices.
2020-12 added Leinster, Munster & Connaught.
2021-01 added The Lonely Voice; A Study of the Short Story.
2021-02 & 03 added stories--now c. 140 in repository.
2022-02 added collection of newspaper articles written under the pseudonym Ben Mayo
2022-02 corrections to Ben Mayo articles
2022-06 added story Sion
2022-07 added translations Lullaby of Adventurous Love and The Madman and original poem Storm
2023-02 added some early poetry, plays, several stories (now more than 150 in repo.)

Note: The bibliographic page on this site contains the most up-to-date references to the material in the repository. The references on this page often lag; the links here may not not be the most current record of the contents of the repository. Please use the link to the bibliographic page to locate repository contents.